About Us

ToysFromTheWoods specialises in wooden toys for children from birth to five years plus.  My name is Sanaa and I bring experience of motherhood and an educational background, with expertise in early years and primary school teaching surpassing 20 years. Combining parenting with teaching means that at ToysFromTheWoods you will find special products which places play at the heart of early childhood development.

Here you will find a collection of quality items which promise to inspire. There is no substitute for quality play opportunities to bring out and further develop the best and unique qualities within children. With each and every item a skill will be developed, giving children the necessary foundations for successful growth and a future of successful learning.

At ToysFromTheWoods, you will find carefully selected products with a simple shape and form to provide endless opportunities for developing creativity, curiosity, imagination, problem solving, and so much more. The open-ended nature of the toys means play will often take the direction of the child, each and every time unique, and developing in complexity as the child grows. Our products align with Development Matters and a Montessori or Waldorf philosophy of education.

Natural products to nurture play is at the heart of each choice. The natural beauty of wood can be seen and touched in every item. Playtime smiles will continue when again and again each toy takes a prominent place within a playroom display. All our toys are quality checked and safe for children.

A purchase of any of these special items will be treasured forever, perfect for handing down to younger family members, lasting generations.